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Straiberry is a fast-growing startup powered by a young team that wants to solve people's issues and improve society's oral hygiene condition.
Straiberry is a firm believer in the notion that happier employees are more productive and creative. Therefore, Straiberry strives to create an environment where employees are free to express their creativity, whether by offering new solutions for the same problems or simply in the way they work. So, we have a flat organizational structure that encourages all employees to share their voices.
A flat organizational structure allows communication between employees of any level. This means that fresh employee can share their opinion or concern directly with the c-level managers without any pushback from their direct manager. In fact, Straiberry encourages autonomy.
Straiberriers (nomenclature for Straiberry employees) are encouraged to work in an environment of fresh ideas and constant brainstorming.
We always seek young naturally curious young talents and have a passion for learning to make a better tomorrow and positively impact the world.
We continuously expand our team to reach our ambitious objectives! So if you want to be a part of super fun and friendly team with a great working environment, please find the fittest job position to your skill and send your Resume.

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