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About us

Our Story

StrAIberry has gathered best in the area of AI, machine learning, mobile development, and design. All developers are local developers with vast experience in the international atmosphere.

Founders have three other entrepreneurship and start-up experiences together that one of them is Data Co lab ltd that had gathered more than 40 top-notch data scientists from the region to provide AI-based services.

Our Mission

This app will majorly cause improvement in society’s oral hygiene. At the same time, the available report of regional and personal status can tremendously affect the treatments, insurance, and the market. The app can considerably eliminate fraud and unfair pricing for insurance plans

On the other side, the app has been and will be used in populated refugee camps or similar situations to prioritize patients of needs for treatment. The process that before StrAIberry would be taken weeks to happen now could be done in minutes.

Our Vision

Our Vision We plan to revolutionize the dental care industry by changing the relationship and factors in the insurance/patient/ dentist triangle. In the near future, we plan to be more effective a help for dentists as a matter of both software and hardware. We plan to help the dentists in the area of reporting assistant and decision-making second eye. In the area of insurance, we plan to automize the process of assessment and individual pricing while having a paper-saving and near-zero fraud model.